Kaldewei Superplan Shower tray

SUPERPLAN, 80x80cm £319.42 KK386
SUPERPLAN, 90x80cm £329.59 KK388
SUPERPLAN, 120x80cm £443.62 KK389
SUPERPLAN, 90x90cm £329.59 KK390
SUPERPLAN, 100x80cm £361.56 KK398
SUPERPLAN, 75x100cm £418.31 KK402
SUPERPLAN, 90x100cm £405.59 KK404
SUPERPLAN, 90x1200cm £469.22 KK406
SUPERPLAN, 70x140cm £482.14 KK408
SUPERPLAN, 75x140cm £482.14 KK410
SUPERPLAN, 75x1700cm £526.07 KK411
HALF antislip treatment £53.26 KK_SPHALF_ANTI
FULL antislip treatment £106.23 KK_SPFULL_ANTI
ESR System 700x1400mm £392.30 KK5845-7205
ESR System 750x1000mm £298.33 KK5845-7212
ESR System 750x1400mm £392.30 KK5845-7204
ESR System 750x1700mm £392.30 KK5845-7201
ESR System 800x800mm £298.33 KK5845-7129
ESR System 800x900mm £298.33 KK5845-7125
ESR System 800x1000mm £298.33 KK5845-7123
ESR System 800x1200mm £328.92 KK5845-7121
ESR System 900x900mm £298.33 KK5845-7124
ESR System 900x1000mm £298.33 KK5845-7211
ESR System 900x1200mm £328.92 KK5845-7207
Frame Assembly to max 900x900 £107.64 KK5300-1
Frame Assembly to max 1200x1200 £118.02 KK5300-2
Frame Assembly to max 1500x1700 £180.86 KK5300-3
£319.42 Inc. VAT
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  • Item Description

    • Exclusive elegant design
    • Extremely flat 2.5cm depth
    • Ideal for installing flush to floor
    • Optional full or half antislip with easyclean finish
    • Allow 3 weeks for delivery on antislip trays as they are specially ordered
    • Optional ESR installation frame system (comes with trap and drain off connection)
    • Optional Frame Assembly

Delivered quickly with care