AQUALISA Shower Pumps

  • New Aqualisa MACH pumps are made by Stuart Turner the leading UK manufacturer for shower pumps, not cheapbut excellent! 
  • Note the originalAqualisa AQUAFORCE pumps are no longer made. TECHFLOW pumps used to be direct replacements but these have also been phased out.
  • We have replacement internal pumps forMKII and MKIII Aquaforce showers and also replacement Processors for pumped digital systems (including Quartz, Visage and Axis amongst others) 

Aquaforce Alternative

  • Aquaforce 1/30 (black lid) (or AF10T or AF1TE) = twin 1 barpump = Techflow QT50
  • Aquaforce 1.5/45 (yellow lid) (or AF45TE or AF2TE) = twin 1.5 barpump = Techflow QT50
  • Aquaforce 2/65 (orange lid) (or AF65TE or AF20T or AF2TE) = twin 2 barpump = Techflow QT80
  • Aquaforce 3/95 (grey lid) (or AF95TE or AF3TE) = twin 3.0 barpump = Techflow QT120
  • Aquaforce 95SE (purple lid) (or AF95SE or AF3SE) = single 3 barpump = no replacement

    MACH Pumps

    Designed and made exclusively by Stuart Turner for Aqualisa, choosing the right Mach Pump for your Thermo shower will ensure you turn a drizzle into a deluge.


TECHFLOW replacement pumps are also part of the Stuart Turner family and benefit from advance high quality design and manufacture.