Barber Wilson Spare Parts - REGENT and MASTERCRAFT models

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Help Identifying Barber Wilsons spare parts

- Thermostatic Shower or Bath mixers:  leaks or loss of temperature control indicate a problem with the thermostatic cartridge.  Ideally the thermostatic cartridge should be serviced every 5 years or so using part SK-BW4750-1.  Where  the problem has developed over a longer period or the mixer has had heavy use (eg hotels or other commercial situations) then often a full thermostatic cartridge is necessary SK-BW4750-2.
With more complicated shower systems then additional Stop Valve or Diverter components may also be required

- Manual taps and mixers: There are three factors to consider:
1.  Age of the product : products made before 2011 (UK standard) use different internal components to those, from 2011 onwards (European standard),
2.  Type of valve:  choice of mixer valves either traditional multi turn valves or part turn ceramic disc valves
3.  Size of valve:   basin and sink taps/mixers are usually 1/2 inch, whereas bath taps/mixers are 3/4inch


- Some spares are special orders from Barber Wilson & can take up to 4 weeks to obtain,
particularly if the part is external and requires an unusual colour finish


- If unsure please contact us [email protected]  to confirm parts required before ordering,
ideally include a picture of the tap/mixer,  approx age and if apprpriate multi turn or part turn valves
which all help assist with identification.