AQUALISA Shower replacement spare parts at discount prices


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Most popular items
  • DIGITAL - Push the button and the illuminated display will indicate when the desired temperature is met. Optional remote control to allow operation from outside the shower.
  • THERMO - Long established AQUALISA's bi-metallic, thermostatic shower valve rmains the engine for all Aqualisa themostatic mixer showers.
  • ELECTRIC - An Electric shower heats its own  when needed and can be quickly installed by a qualified person.
  • POWER - Aquastream power showers include an integral pump to increase water pressure from your shower.
    In some case this represents better value and easy installation than a separate pump with a conventional mixer.
Requires hot and cold water supplies


Aqualisa call themselves the home of sensational showering, certainly their digital products were leaders in the digital showering market place and before that the design of thermostatic mixer showers based upon  bi- metallic technology set a new standards for resposive automated temperature control. Owners of Aqualisa showers inevitably take advantage of continued availabilty on manufacturer produced spares to prolong tbe lives of their much loved showers. The nature of bi-metallic technology is that with continued used metal fatigue will set in and require replacement of the cartridge