Aqualisa Aquarian before 1999 thermostatic & manual exposed mixer valve Spares

Reopening SATURDAY 23RD
Aqualisa Thermostatic Cartridge Body (black band) - 164310 **2 only** £152.12 £199.00 AQ_164310
Aqualisa ** 1 only ** On/off control - gold - 164322 £40.37 AQ_164322
£152.12 Inc. VAT
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    • If you have lost control of the temperature or your shower is leaking from the controls or dripping from the shower head then you will need a new cartridge body
    • This pre-1999 model has a central casing which is in one piece, if the central casing of your shower comes apart into separate top and bottom sections the you should look at spares for the 1999 onwards model
    • Cartridge body includes instruction, choose 164310 thermostatic (black band), 164312 manual (blue band) is now discontinued use 164310 instead. If you take off the central casing then there is a coloured band fitted around the temperature side of the cartridge body
    • On/off control ALL DISCONTINUED
      164320 white
      164321 chrome
      164322 gold
    • Temperature control ALL DISCONTINUED
      164325 white
      164326 chrome
      164327 gold
    • Front shroud: ALL DISCONTINUED
      164315 white
      163316 chrome 
      164317 gold

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Reopening SATURDAY 23RD