Ideal Standard/Trevi Smooth Shower Hoses

Ideal Standard E6731AA Trevi smooth Shower Hose - 1.50m chrome £36.40 £64.31 ID_E6731AA
Ideal Standard E960493AA Trevi smooth Shower Hose - 1.60m chrome £40.47 £59.80 ID_E960493AA_160
805187 substitute smooth Shower Hose - 1.50m chrome £22.60 £45.89 AR_806187
£36.40 Inc. VAT
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  • Item Description

  • Ideal Standard Trevi E960494AA smooth shower hoses

    • Choose from original Trevi smooth hoses or substitute model
    • Available in grey/silver finish only 
    • Trevi smooth shower hoses (and substitutes) will fit all models of Trevi shower kit as well as the original Moonshadow and Outline sets since the end connectors are standard size
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