Digital Showers

Digital showers have a processor unit which can be located away from the shower area, an electronic control in the shower area turns the procssor on/off and selects the temperature.

Now available as "divert models allowing use with multiple outlets.

Digital showers all have an electronically controller Processor unit which is often located outside the shower or bathroom, eg in the loft. The Processor controls the flow and temperature mixing. The shower area only has an electronic control to send instructions to the processor and ashower outlet.

The original digital showers had simplistic controls essentially just setting temperature and an on/off function. Today top specification digital showers allow full control on flow, personalised temperature setting and controlled diversion of the flow to one or more outlets.

There are usually two versions of the processor, one designed fo low pressure systems where the processor unit has an in built pump, the other for high pressure systems where the pressure does not need an additional boost, eg combi-boiler systems, megaflow systems and where a pump is already in place.