Ideal Standard A961625AA Neostrahl Nozzle/Flow straightener

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  • Item Description

  • Ideal Standard A961625AA Neostrahl Nozzle/Flow straightener

    Suits a wide range of taps and mixers including

    A1165AA CLASS basin mixer

    A1395AA TRATTO basin mixer

    A1397AA TRATTO bidet mixer

    A3040AA CAPELLO bain mixer

    A3041AA CAPELLO basin mixer

    A3042AA CAPELLO bidet mixer

    A3270AA HALO basin mixer

    A3273AA HALO bsain mixer

    A5410AA CERAMIX basin mixer

    A5411AA CERAMIX bidet mixer

    A6264AA MELANGE bath mixer

    A6353AA TONIC II bath mixer

    A6520AA LAMBRO bath mixer

    A6523AA LAMBRO bath spout

    A6575AA TESI basin mixer

    A6587AA TESI basin mixer

    A6588AA TESI basin mixer

    A6590AA TESI bath mixer

    AA6591AA TESi bath/shower mixer

    A6592AA TESI basin mixer

    A6631AA TURANO bath filler

    A6592AA TURANO bath filler

    A7051AA CONCEPT AIR bath filler

    A7052AA CONCEPT AIR bath/shower mixer

    A7063AA CONCEPT AIR basin mixer

    A7064AA CONCEPT AIR basin mixer

    A7263AA CENO bath mixer

    A7264AA CENO bath/shower mixer

    A7600AA DOMI SOLO basin mixer

    B0166AA SENSES CUBE bath mixer

    B0167AA SENSES CUBE bath/shower mixer

    B0168AA SENSES SPHERE basin pillars

    B0169SS SENSES SPHERE bath mixer

    B0170AA SENSES SPHERE basin mixer

    B0171AA SENSES SPHERE bath mixer

    B0270AA PICCOLO 21 basin mixer

    B0271AA PICCOLO 2 basin mixer

    B0291AA OPUS basin mixer

    B0293AA OPUS bath mixer

    B0294AA OPUS bath/shower mixer

    B0728AA TEMPO basin pillars

    B0730AA TEMPO bath mixer

    B0731AA TEMPO bath/shower mixer

    B0732AA TEMPO bath mixer

    B0763AA TEMPO basin mixer

    B0764AA TEMPO basin mixer

    B0766AA TEMPO sink mixer

    B1048AA TESINO basin mixer

    B0749AA TESINO basin mixer

    B0751AA TESINO bath mixer

    B0753AA TESINO bath mixer

    B0754AA TESINO bath/shower mixer

    B1148AA CALISTA basin mixer

    B1480AA TEMPO basin mixer

    B1496AA TESINO basin mixer

    B1811AA CERAFLEX basin mixer

    B1812AA CERAFLEX basin mixer

    B1958AA CALISTA bath/shower mixer

    B1959AA CERAFLEX bath filler

    B1960AA CERAFLEX bath/shower mixer

    B2137AA CALISTA bath mixer

    B4449AA SANDRINGHAM sink mixer

    B5105AA CONE basin ppillars

    B5106AA CONE bath pillars

    B5107AA CONE basin mixer

    B5108AA CONE bidet mixer

    B5109AA CONE bath mixer

    B6815AA SANDRINGHAM basin mixer

    B7884AA CERAPLAN basin pillars

    B7885AA CERAPLAN bath pillars

    B7889AA CERAPLAN bidet mixer

    B7891AA CERAPLAN bath mixer

    B7892AA CERAPLAN bath/shower mixer

    B8260AA PICCOLO 21 basin mixer

    B8262AA PICCOLO 21 basin mixer

    B8530AA ALTO basin mixer

    B9058AA TAVA sink mixer

    B9062AA HYTE sink mixer

    B9063AA MENO sink mixer

     B9673AA ALTO basin mixer

    B9678AA NATOS basin mixer

    B9679AA NATOS basin mixer

    B9684AA VECTIS basin mixer

    B9685AA VECTIS basin pillars

    B9686AA VECTIS bath pillars

    B9687AA VECTIS bath mixer

    B9688AA VECTIS bath/shower mixer

    B9887AA ELEMENTS basin pillars

    B9888AA ELEMENTS bath pillars

    B9891AA ELEMENTS bath mixer

    B9892AA ELEMENTS bath/shower mixer

    B9929AA CONCEPT BLUE bath mixer

    B9930AA CONCEPT BLUE bath/shower mixer

    B9977AA ALTO basin mixer

    BC188AA CERALINE bath mixer

    BC189AA CERALINE bath/shower mixer

    BC190AA CERALINE bath mixer

    BC191AA CERALINE bath/shower mixer

    BC263AA OPUS bath mixer

    BC334AA ESINO basin mixer

    BC335AA ESINO basin mixer

    BC340AA CALISTA basin mixer

    BC573AA TEMPO basin mixer

    BC574AA TEMPO basin mixer

    BC703AA EDIT basin mixer

    E0245AA IDYLL basin mixer

    E0647AA WATERWAYS CD basin mixer

    E0695AA WATERWAYS CD bidet mixer

    E6105AA KINGSTON basin mixer

    E6115AA KINGSTON bidet mixer

    E6715AA WATERWAYS basin mixer

    E6900AA WATERWAYS bidet mixer

    E9091AA PROVENCE sink mixer

    E9092AA PROVENCE sink mixer

    N9668AA REPRISE 3H basin mixer

    S7443AA NUASTYLE basin mixer

    S7449AA NUASTYLE basin mixer

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Reopening SATURDAY 23RD