Ideal Standard N058997NU Handle insert (was A963196NU)

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  • Item Description

  • Ideal Standard N058997NU Handle insert (was A963196NU)

    Suits a wide range of taps and mixers including;

    A5597AA MOMENTS 3hole shower mixer with divert

    A9538AA BASENTO 3hole shower mixer with divert

    A6631AA TURANO bath filler

    A6632AA TURANO easy box shower mixer

    A6633AA TURANO easy box shower mixer with divert

    A6653AA TURANO easybox shower mixer

    B0166AA SENSE CUBE 2H bath filler

    B1053AA TESINO bath filler

    B1054AA TESINO 2hole bath/shower mixer

    B3304AA SANDRINGHAM 21 basin pillars

    B3305AA SANRINGHAM 21 bath mixer

    B3309AA SANDRINGHAM 21 bath filler (post 6/18)

    B3310AA SANDRINGHAM 21 bath/shower mixer

    B7891AA CERAPLAN SL bath mixer

    B7892AA CERAPLAN SL bath/shower mixer

    B9925AA CONCEPT basin pillars

    BC263AA OPUS bath/shower mixer

    E3115AA TREVI TRADITIONAL shower mixer

    L6709AA TREVI OUTLINE shower mixer

    N9564AA REPRISE basin mixer

    N8965AA REPRISE bidet mixer

    N9668AA REPRISE 3 hole basin mixer

    N9669AA REPRISE 3 hole bidet mixer

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